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Duolun Technology is a leading "digital solution+ life service" technology-driven company with traffic safety as its core in China. Since its establishment in 1995, Duolun Technology has continuously accumulated the core technologies such as big data, AI, Internet of Things, three-dimensional virtual simulation and Beidou satellite navigation system, constantly consolidating the leading position in the smart driving test industry while deepening business innovation and transformation layout. At present, Duolun Technology has formed four business systems of smart vehicle administration, intelligent driver training, smart transportation, and smart vehicle inspection, and a complete industrial chain layout covering "people, vehicle and road", provides industry customers with leading digital products and solutions, and provides consumers with life services including driver training, vehicle testing and other content. As a leader of smart vehicle administration, intelligent driver training and transportation, and smart vehicle inspection, Duolun Technology's business covers more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government in China.

  • 1995 Year
    Established in 1995
  • 70593 Million
    Registered Capital ¥70593 Million
  • 400 + Cities
    Country-wide Market Coverage
  • 264
    Service Outlets Across China
  • 240
    240 Authorized Patents
Business Group
Smart Vehicle Inspection

Technical Solution

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Standard Service

Chain Sites

Smart City

Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent Security

Intelligent Transportation

Smart Public Security

Intelligent Driver Training

DoDo Cockpit

DoDo Coach

DoDo Driver APP

Driver Traning Institute M&S Platform 

Smart Vehicle Administration

Intelligent Vehicle Management

Smart Driving Test

Traffic Safety

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From inspiration to beyond transportation
From inspiration to beyond transportation
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